A message from OSIS

With the money we earned during our time in OSIS, we have been able to help people in need. Recently, my fellow OSIS members and I went to two locations. The first location was where we renovated Mr. Mulyania��s house that has gone through a tornado and is constantly flooded (See all photos in the photo gallery). We not only did the work on Mr Mulyania��s home, we also gave out rice, oil, sugar, and instant noodles to his family and other people living in the same area. We also gave the same food parcels to people living in another location, which are the landfills.A�

We are proud and joyous to have been given the opportunity by Sekolah Ciputra to be part of OSIS and enabling us to give and help those in need. We also want to express our genuine gratitude to the teachers who have been so supportive of us every step of the way.

Thank you so much!

Louise Gunawan

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