Kidpreneur Reflection

When I first started on my Kidpreneur project, I was insecure about what I wanted to do, because I thought that my product wouldn’t be interesting to others. I saw the opportunity to create things that are sellable to help others solve their problems. So that’s when I thought of a business idea. I named my business “Sticky Tape Fixers”. The product helps people who have difficulties using tape. At first, I had the feeling that my project was going to fail. But I also felt that my Kidpreneur project was going to work somehow. I was also confident that I could make the project better and better. When I saw a problem with my product, I tried to improve it by fixing its shape and other things such as the materials and design of the product. When the day of the Kidpreneur arrived, I was ready to show my project to everyone. At first, I didn’t receive lots of customers, but as time went by, I started to receive quite a lot of customers. During the first few hours, I got 14 customers that were interested in buying my product. They bought most of the products and gave me a good review. In the last few hours I received lots of customers that wanted to buy my product and they also placed future orders from my shop. I can explain in detail what I have made, the history behind it and the advantages of my product. The important thing was that I had enough supply of my product for everyone else to purchase.  I dared to do my best and enjoy everyone’s support towards my business. My skill could be used once again by learning and improving my skills towards presenting in front of different people I may not know. I may need to improve my skills when I am presenting in front of people that are older than me. I had to have more confidence when presenting since I was stuttering when presenting to people such as 5th and 6th graders and people that are a little bit older than me like parents and teachers or a crowd full of people. I could also make some stickers digitally and print them so I can sell more pieces. My skill and knowledge about this Kidpreneur project can be used to help me by knowing more about what I can do when opening a business in the future. And also to know what I can improve next in the future when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Rhea Faith Sartono – PYP 4B

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