Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

We wish our senior students all the very best as they undertake their final examinations for the year!

Examinations are by their very nature stressful and stress can act as both a positive and negative motivator. Teachers have emphasised with the students about the need to be academically honest. A video was shown also on the topic and followed by a discussion why it is so important. Integrity is a word that features strongly in our school vision. Having the integrity to overcome challenges the right way, is a large part of the preparation given to our students for the real world. We pride ourselves on producing Alumni who are academically capable but also know the right pathway to choose. This comes from adherence to clear moral principles influenced by the value of integrity. In the video Pak Yan draws parallels between academic honesty and the learner profile trait of being principled. It is a great insight. The academic honesty video is available on our website along with our academic honesty policy. It is important that all parents, students and teachers are familiar with it. If your child is struggling with the pressure that examinations can cause, please encourage them to come and talk with the counselling staff or a senior teacher. There are many, many things which can be done to positively support and help students through their difficulties.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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