Last Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd and 4th April 2018, all PYP 6 students and teachers

from Sekolah Ciputra went to the Mangrove forest in Mangrove Ecotourism Wonorejo, Surabaya. This programme was made for our 5th unit of inquiry, a�?Sharing the Planet,a�? where we explore the theme of biodiversity. We visited the Mangrove forest in order to learn more about how the ecosystems work, and the importance of conserving the Mangrove in our life.

During the Mangrove field trip, the students discovered many different types of animals and plants that live in Mangrove forest; such as, water snakes, chickens, crabs, birds, tadpoles, etc. The students also listened to a primary resource from Mangrove to find out about the organisms that live in the Mangrove forest and the relationships among them. From the primary resource, we received information about different types of Mangrove trees, the importance of Mangrove trees in our life, and peoplea��s actions which contribute to the existence of the Mangrove forest.

As our action, we bought 100 Mangrove trees to be planted in the Mangrove forest area. We hope that this small action will contribute to the sustainability of Mangrove forests and our future life.


Clara Nadia Adigunawan