News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

This time of the year is one where work undertaken over the previous years is summarised and final decisions are reached. For the SBDP students this means a short gap of two weeks before they sit their final UNAS examinations.

Last week we had Frane Lessac, an Australian author and illustrator visit us in the Elementary School. It was wonderful for the students to interact with a professional author and gain insights into the process of creating a book  It was also nice to see our school through her eyes and enjoy the very positive comments she made. Speaking of positive comments, it was great to host the PYP Dunia Coordinators meeting last week. We had teachers attend from all round Indonesia. They were glowing in their praise of the school and we even received emails asking whether we had any job vacancies!

Congratulations, to Isabella and Austin. They both joined the “Tote Bag Design Competition” held at Supemal Pakuwon on Saturday. Thanks to DnD Design for putting this fun event together.

1st Place went to Isabella Rosalynn 4B – 2nd Place went to Austin Ace Chen 4B

Good luck to our Grade 12 SBDP students who are having their final school examinations next week.

Finally, this time of year has considerable pressures for many students. The need to work hard is necessary but remember to ask for help if you are struggling. Maintaining a balance between study and resting is also vital. We believe in you and know that you are capable of doing your very best.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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