Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a restful holiday and had the opportunity to meet safely with family and loved ones. 

Semester 2, as ever, promises to be an action packed, exciting and challenging time. Term 3 in particular will place considerable pressure upon students in terms of the PYP Exhibition, the MYP Personal Project and the IBDP mock examinations. This term is traditionally about ensuring that all the academic hurdles are jumped and that students are best prepared for the challenges ahead. Please take the opportunity to reflect upon comments made on reports and during the parent interviews so that you can get the support to optimise your learning outcomes.

We will continue with our hybrid model across the school and liaising with the relevant ministries. We are however working towards longer opening hours and an emphasis on more students being in face-to face learning.  I want to urge as many Grade 12 students particularly to be in school as much as possible. Your examinations will be challenging, and they are arriving soon. The mock examinations will be held face-to-face in anticipation of this.

Please continue to maintain high standards of care. Students should not come into school if they are feeling unwell and please make sure that appropriate testing is done before returning if your child has been out of Surabaya. 

As ever we are well prepared for the next challenges and look forward to a positive Semester 2  

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn 

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