“I became more confident and innovative because of Sekolah Ciputra. Sekolah Ciputra gave us real-life experience; theory and practical stuff.”


1. After graduating from Sekolah Ciputra, where do you study? What is your major?
Universitas Ciputra majoring in Visual Communication Design. 

2. What did you do after graduating from university?
I started rebranding myself as a photographer and finding new networking who I can collaborate with for my future goals.

3. What is your current activity? Please share an overview
Currently, I’m taking a postgraduate degree at University of Technology Sydney to help enhance my skills and experience more. My major is Media Practice and Industry, where we are taught about ethics and film production in the media industry which is something crucial for our next generation to learn about and in hope I can use it for my purposes. While pursuing my degree, I work as a photographer (instagram: @sydneyingkiriwang) and I also have a side job as a hair and makeup artist (instagram: @byney__).

4. What do you expect to do after finishing your studies at University of Technology Sydney?
To gain new experience is my main objective and meeting new people who I can work with; internationally or domestically.  

5. What was the biggest challenge of moving to a new country?
Adapting to the new society, which is something I never thought would happen in the first place. 

6. What do you enjoy most about your new environment?
It opened up my eyes to a lot of scenarios such as the film industry and the difference between my home country and here. The people in here gave me a lot of new insight that I never heard before which helped a lot and I gained more interesting knowledge. I think the friends and events that were held here are very worth going to, it feels as if I’m traveling for a holiday! 

7. In what way did Sekolah Ciputra contribute to who you are right now?
I became more confident and innovative because of Sekolah Ciputra. Sekolah Ciputra gave us real-life experience; not only theory wise but also lots of practical stuff and it made me who I am today, to become a more entrepreneurial person. Sekolah Ciputra also increased my communication and leadership skills.

8. What was the best thing about Sekolah Ciputra? Tell us something memorable from your time at Sekolah Ciputra.
I love sports and my time during house games was particularly my favorite of all times; I would never skip even once because it’s a lifetime memory for me.

9. What advice would you give to a graduating student?
Enjoy your time when you step up to the new world, people make mistakes but those mistakes will hone you to become a better person. So don’t worry and go for it. Hard work will pay off and time will tell.

10. Would you recommend Sekolah Ciputra to others? If yes, what would you say about it?
Yes, of course. I had an amazing time in my last high school years at Sekolah Ciputra, and I don’t see any reason why others should not too. I assure you that you won’t regret going to Sekolah Ciputra as your option; it has a very great school life balance.

11. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love having my me time especially after work or class to refresh my mind and have some peace. Normally, I would run to the beach and watch any shows that interest me. It has been my leisure activity since my bachelor degree. I feel like it’s very important to have your me time; for you to relax and be stress free for a second, and it helps a lot!

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