Another year has gone by and it’s almost time to graduate. It has been an exciting year full of joy, laughter and surprises! But all good things come to an end. It’s almost time for Grade 11’s to start a new chapter at Sekolah Ciputra.

One of the milestones we as Grade 11’s reached, was the CAS exhibition. We started the year with an introduction of our new grade focus, and that focus was CAS. CAS stands for three different things, Creativity, Action, and Service. It is an activity based programme, where the activity should be challenging and enjoyable. The Creativity, Action, and Service are three strands you need to achieve for your CAS. Different activities achieve different strands and the goal is to reach 3 complete CAS strands.

The CAS activities need to last for at least a month but no more than 3 months. CAS activities can be in any form, as long as they have a good purpose and are meaningful. It could be meaningful to you or meaningful to others. Whether it is getting over your fear of water by joining diving lessons and graduating or raising money for charity. So we, Grade 11’s sought adventure, experience and giving others a helping hand, raising awareness for a certain problem, creating, exploring, etc.

One of the examples of a great CAS activity was by my close friend Nikolai. His CAS was to overcome his fear of water by learning to scuba dive. He shared his experience with me and I can tell you that he was satisfied that he went and took the course. He graduated and is now a certified diver. Diving gave him a perspective of the world many people don’t get to see, and that is the wonders of the ocean.

As the deadline approaches, we wrapped up our activities. I am happy to say that all of us have done a fantastic job and came back with fascinating results – but we weren’t done yet. As 15th of May came closer, we chose our favorite CAS activity and showcased it.

On the 15th of May, we had our CAS exhibition. The exhibition area was filled with wonders and colours of many kinds from the posters from all the different CAS projects. Everyone in Grade 11 was there to share their favorite experience during their CAS activities. I got to share my experience about working with Garda Pangan, a NGO, which combats food waste in Indonesia. Others got to display what they learnt in their journey. In the end we completed our CAS and are satisfied with what we have reached. We will now move on and conquer future tasks and hope to see new wonderful and inspiring CAS activities from future Grade 11’s.

This has been a delightful year. Year 2020 heads on out.

M. Kemal Bil Haqi Kruiniger – Grade 11 Sci 3

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