Pre El Road Safety and Traffic System

Learning straight from the experts benefits young students, especially when the topic is very engaging.

Earlier this month, PYP A students invited traffic police to talk about road safety and traffic systems. The policemen came with their police van for their visit to our excited students. At the start of the session, they taught us how to do a simple movement with the Police theme song. We bend our arms and knees while counting 1,2,3. The policemen were very informative as they delivered their topic by doing an Indonesia traditional puppet show, otherwise known as Opera Wayang Polisi. PYP A students enjoyed the story while learning that we need to be aware of road signs and symbols for our own safety.

At the end of the session, the policemen chose three students who could answer some questions related to what they had shared. They gave away a school bag, a raincoat and a helmet to those 3 attentive students.

We thanked the policemen and presented them with a framed certificate whilst they gave us a placard for our school. This is a good example of collaboration between police and school to a learning community.

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