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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all schools are now doing online learning to stay safe and avoid the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, there are a lot of students who are unable to do online schooling because they lack the technology that is needed. To help these students, we came up with an idea to donate phones that we no longer need or use, so they will be able to keep learning, even during this pandemic.

We are from Grade 12-2 and have managed to donate 6 smartphones so far to Yayasan Jannaun Naim Falasifa, Pakal. This donation is also our way to celebrate Hari Sumpah Pemuda. We named this experience Pelajar Membantu Belajar. We wanted to share our privileges so they can achieve their dreams

(Due to the pandemic, sadly we didn’t have a chance to meet directly. We brought the phones to school and Miss Dina and Miss Gramelia helped us with the distribution.)

Shalimar Veda Engeler – Grade 12 student

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