Economics Competition

My first experience ever competing in the sector of Economics was the Ma-Chung Economics Competition Essay 2022 with the theme of “Be Intellectual and Professional Through Economics”. I chose the sub-topic of technology because I learned that it is one of the most contributing factors of how an economy and country can develop. Thus, my essay topic is how we can sustain an economy’s well-being by utilizing a solar-wind hybrid engine. 

My idea of the solar-wind hybrid engine came up when I thought about the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change and how they have disturbed several economic activities. Considering the judges’ feedback after I presented my essay, I realized the relationship between this hybrid technology and its real-world context is still debatable because my hypothesis is still yet to be proved. I have been wanting to write something about how we must view economics and the environment together as a whole because I believe that what the world needs now is a solution that could create a mutual relationship between these two fields of study. 

I would like to thank Ms Ika for offering me the opportunity to participate in it; Pak Budhi and Pak Brian for assisting me in terms of my arguments and solution; Pak Fery and Ms Santi for helping me revise my grammar and essay structure; and my loved ones for supporting me throughout the journey. I hope that my essay is only the first step towards further development until we get to witness how to realistically sustain an economy without having to ruin our homeland.

Nadya Suryo Soetomo – Grade 11DP

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