Dear Parents, students, teachers and Sekolah Ciputra community,

Congratulations to our grade 10 students on the completion of the MYP personal project. The sheer scale of the event was inspirational. The depth and breadth of the work and the obvious passion that the students demonstrated spoke to high levels of student engagement with learning in a real-world context. Congratulations to Naomi Reanne Hartono who was given the Executive Principal’s award for her project on building a sustainable school building. This was an extremely difficult choice as there were so many wonderful projects.

Speaking of the grade ten students next week they will participate in their work experience week. This gives them insight into the types of job they may like to, or in some cases not like to undertake as a future career. This has been a wonderful example of a community-based programme with many family and alumni businesses looking after our students. We hope they have a  positive experience that helps to guide their next steps.

The annual visual arts exhibition will be held on the 20-22 of March and will culminate with the awarding of the Executive Director’s Art award. This will be the tenth year that this has been awarded so it is really interwoven with Sekolah Ciputra history. We wish all the artists success with the exhibition.

We look forward to grandparents’ day in the EYP on the 22 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to harness the wisdom and experience of the grandparents in our school community and share the excitement of life in the early years.

Lastly the second round of our PAIS/PAT testing is about to commence. This will give us an indication of progress that has been made with the students over the year. It is always good to have these external checks on the effectiveness of our teaching. We look forward to reflecting upon the results.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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