CAS – Helping those in need

Right now our world is battling Covid-19, a highly infectious virus that has been spreading through the globe. Hospitals all over the world are working hard to take care of all the patients but they have been struggling due to shortage of necessities.

My class and I decided we would all contribute by donating to the hospital necessary goods that they are in need of.

We donated 20 litres of hand sanitiser, as it is in high demand at the moment and boxes of milk to keep their immune systems strong. After discussing with our homeroom teacher, Miss Dina, we choose to give our donations to Panti Rapih Jogjakarta.

When starting this activity, I was feeling very excited to be involved in helping, as I enjoy giving back to the people around me. I noticed that a lot of the other members felt the same and were also just as enthusiastic as I was in planning this activity.

After the hospital had received the donations that we collected, I felt very happy and relieved that we were able to contribute to helping them. It made me notice and believe that in order to live a more fulfilling life, we should be helping and giving back to others when we can. Experiencing this activity makes me want to help our society even more and spread more awareness to the people around me to do the same


Shalimar Veda Engeler

11 Hum

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