Entrepreneurship @ Sekolah Ciputra

Students from Grade 11 have been busy creating their own pop up businesses which have sustainability in mind. 

Patricia, Alessia and Warren (Grade 11) baked and sold two products: “Brookies” – a type of cookie and brownie hybrid for humans to eat and for non-humans: Special banana-based dog treats!  From the photos, you can see that they have promoted their products to the highest standards by using easily recycled material, vibrant colours, and easy to use boxes. Inside the packaging, the product was tasty and baked to perfection.  The price for each item was very reasonable and they even gave a discount if you bought the two items together. 

The best thing about the venture was that ALL the profit went to the student led organization called “toutoucraves.id“. This is a charity which helps dog shelters during the pandemic, providing food and other essential items.  Well done, students!