For my Personal Project I planned to make a Natural Floor Cleaning Fluid that can help people in tropical areas that face problems with insects and reducing the amount of insects in their homes.

Firstly, before making this decision, I have had problems related to insects such as mosquito bites, flies that ruin my dinner, and ants that attack the sweet food. Most household owners having these issues are using insect repellent spray to repel insects in the home. However, this spray is toxic and can damage human lungs and cause sickness from the chemical ingredients in the repellent.

Looking into this problem I found lemongrass oil can be applied to the skin and helps to repel mosquitoes. But on the other hand, during my investigation, I discovered many people have sensitive skin cannot use this type of repellent. The concept of lemongrass repelling mosquitoes is from the aroma and inhibits the growth of mosquito larva therefore preventing mosquitoes from breeding. This is where I had the idea of a new innovation by developing a floor cleaning fluid by using this concept of a natural plant extract. At this stage I wanted it to be as natural as possible (without using any chemicals) and safe for all other living organism. I am developing this innovation because I consider that when it is applied to the floor the smell will go around the room and mosquitoes will not exist in the house. I am making two different scents (Peppermint and Lemongrass) that can repel insects. I am making two scents so people are not bored with the same smell in the house. In addition, I am selling this product with a process of experimenting, budgeting, planning and figuring out ways to make a profit.

My Personal Project encouraged me to start a small business that can help people and the environment by using nontoxic ingredients to make a floor cleaning repellent fluid.

Sianne Putri Tanudjaja – Grade 10

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