Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

The Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Union (AIMO Union) is a collaborative international organization among mathematical research organisations and individuals. It is the mission of the AIMO Union to provide teenagers with an international platform for the purposes of learning Mathematics, cultural exchange, intriguing their mathematical insights, improving their qualities of scientific thinking minds and hence enhancing the friendship and cooperation of teenagers from different countries/regions.

It is great to see the following positive results for our students who joined this competition (especially as this is the first time we have entered teams). We sent these three students to the finals on 7th August 2021, competing with 2000 students from 20 different countries. Congratulations, we are very proud of you all.

1. Lorenzo Anson Poedjiono – Silver

2. Mike Limantara – Silver 

3. Gabriell Amadeo – Gold

Congratulations also to all those who supported these students in their endeavours.

Over the weekend our elementary student teams were involved in the JISMO competition.  We look forward to sharing their results soon as well.  Good luck to our students in the Wharton Business competition.  Our team is placed 67/2000 teams so far. The top 50 will go into the semi-finals which is an outstanding feat so let’s hope they make it to the next round!

This week is the OSIS inspired spirit week in the High School. This is a great way to build spirit and engagement with the school. OSIS have also recently produced a video encouraging students back to face to face learning. I want to endorse this encouragement. We have had all our systems rigorously audited by city and provincial taskforces. All staff in the school who mix with students have been double vaccinated. Additionally, we are randomly PCR testing 100 staff and students per week. We feel that the environment is as safe as we can make it and we strongly urge any students who are double vaccinated in Grades 6-12 to come back for face-to-face learning. This especially applies to Grade 12 who need to get back into the school environment as they will be sitting their IB examinations in the school in less than six months. Please give this proposition serious consideration.  

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal 

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