News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear students, staff, parents, alumni and the whole Sekolah Ciputra community,

This week we celebrate literature and the arts. There are numerous activities to promote a love of reading and a love of the arts. On Tuesday morning we have the beloved book character parade which involves students, (and teachers) from right across the continuum. We also look forward to the concert on Wednesday night where a wide range of students from the school will showcase their talents. This is a lovely way to enjoy the talents of Sekolah Ciputra students and teachers and is a lovely stepping stone into the holiday season.

Over the weekend the boys’ volleyball team attended a tournament in Bali. This is part of a deliberate effort by the school to build the quality of the sporting programme. Both in terms of the number of students participating but also in the competitiveness of the teams. We look forward to building on this foundation with many more trips by many codes. Congratulations to the team which finished the tournament in third place, their coaches and supporters for this monumental effort.

On Thursday and Friday in the EYP/PYP we have parent interview and on Friday in the high school. This is the halfway stage of the year and so is a great opportunity to take stock of progress and plan next steps. Learning is a partnership, and the process of interviews is really helpful in gaining a shared opportunity about appropriate actions to take.

As this is the final news from my desk for the term and the semester, we will take the opportunity to wish you all a very safe, peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year break. We hope you can spend time with family and friends, to reflect on the year that was and to begin the new year positively. Please look out for our end of semester newsletter as well as our summary video which provides lots of memories of a busy term.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal