Nicholas Taniadi

Gradution Year: 2016

What University and Major are you doing?

Babson College – Business Administration. I’m currently in the second year.

What is your most memorable campus experience so far?

My most memorable moment at Babson College so far is running a business with a group of friends. As part of the programme curriculum, Babson students must undertake a year-long course about developing and running their own businesses. Going through the process of identifying opportunities, presenting our business plan, and selling the products made me not only closer with my teammates but also understand myself better. In a couple of weeks, we are going to close down our business and have a big presentation to the community to celebrate our achievements and learnings throughout the process.

Was it difficult to enter into campus and University life?

Transitioning into college was not a very difficult experience for me, but I have to admit that getting the freedom to do anything I wanted was liberating (for a lack of better word). The entire experience really made me think about what I wanted to do in my own time, especially how much effort and commitment I was willing to put into specific activities.

Do you have any suggestions for the graduating High School students entering University and campus life?

As a senior in High School, I believe it is best to not only focus on your studies but also have fun at the same time. As someone who is almost done with my freshman year, believe me when I say time flies fast (and I mean really fast). There will be moments in which you miss High School and your friends, but there will be times to visit them over the college years.

My main advice to graduating High School students and something I have learnt is to be flexible: many things will not go the way you want them to be. Challenges will always appear no matter where you are, but what matters is how you handle the situation under pressure to achieve goals. Being flexible is crucial because it allows one to view the problem from multiple angles, leading one to find the solution that best fits the context. As a professor of mine said in class, Pressure builds diamonds, and in this case every one of us has the potential to become diamonds.

Another lesson that I learnt is to keep in touch with people. After spending so much time with my friends at school every day, I realize that it’s different now that we are scattered across the globe. Thankfully, with the instant reach of social media, it is easier than ever to keep in touch!

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