PYP-4 Virtual Camp Reflection

Hi, my name is Jamie from Grade 4B. I will reflect on my experience in our recent virtual camp. I will share what I have learnt, what I saw and what I felt.

The virtual camp which happened last week was very fun. I thought it was a great way to find out about the risks and opportunities of migration. The part I really liked about the virtual camp was that all of the PYP 4 students were able to come together to learn and experience a mini-migration. The highlights were the online team building games, the mini-workshops and the migration story from Ms Christine. Virtual camp was also an experience I never would have imagined because we were mixing two very opposite things but having a good experience: camping and distance learning.

Virtual camp was also a way of communicating and bonding with everyone. I think the most surprising thing about virtual camp was Ms Christine sharing about her ancestors and her migration story. Virtual camp was also an event that was not just an event but also for learning and reflecting on migration.

Although the virtual camp was full of activities for a day and a half, students were able to enjoy a mix of online and off-screen learning and activities. I hope next year the PYP 4 students will be still able to experience this amazing virtual camp and experience of mini-migration.


Jamie Landon William – Grade 4B

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