On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September some of our High School students attended the Singapore National Academy Online Model United Nations 2020. A Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation where students act as U.N delegates, and try and solve world problems and other hypothetical situations.

One of the first of many unique MUNs, SNAMUN 2020 is a shining example of a well-handled online MUN. Unlike traditional MUNs, the experience varied differently from council to council, ranging from professional discussions to absurdly fun assassinations. This of course was only possible from the wonderful chairs and organizers, who reflected their personalities into their councils to create a warm, human MUN that’s very different from the cold, detached experience more commonly found otherwise. 

In the CRISIS council, we were pitted against Blue Rash infection taking place during the events of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, it was a council full of suspicion, wits, surprises, and betrayals. I felt challenged by other delegates as we tested each other’s limits and ingenuity, but while it was an honour to win Best Delegate, what I remember most was the unforgettable experiences I had and the friendships I formed on that day. 

Bravo, honourable Chairs and distinguished Delegates, may we see you in the next one!’

Sean Colin Chung, Grade 10, Best Delegate (CRISIS)

As well as Sean Colin Chung, a number of our other students gained recognition:

Best Position Paper – Cheryl Loemanto (CITES*)

Verbal commendation – Claire Faustine (CITES)

Honourable mention Matthew Wongsodirdjo (CITES)

Most outstanding delegate- Chua Yi Shun (CITES)

Best Delegate – Cheryl Loemanto (CITES)

Most improved – Anastasia Lilananda  (UNHRC – Human Rights Council)

*the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

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