On Friday, 16th March, PYP 6 showcased their hard work through the much anticipated a�?Exhibition Day.a�� This year, the unit of study that was connected to the PYP exhibition was a�?How We Organize Ourselves,a�? where students explored 8 different types of social and science related topics:

  • Positive and negative effects of social media (social media)
  • Peoplea��s actions influence global warming (global warming)
  • Conflicts occur because of differences, but can be resolved (Conflict and Resolution)
  • The importance of ensuring that humans all over the world have their human rights protected (Rights)
  • The many forms of pollution and the actions we can take to address the issue
  • Economic imbalance causes many problems
  • Technology has evolved and brings both good and bad(Technology)
  • Human actions have caused many species to become endangered.

The exhibition was an exciting day, as it was the culmination of the PYP 6 studentsa�� learning journeys at Sekolah Ciputra. The students had worked hard for weeks in their interest groups, with the assistance of their mentors, parents, teachers, and communities around the school.

As teachers, our hope is that students continue to develop and share the knowledge, skills, and talents that were displayed during the exhibition, so that there understandings and awareness will be carried with them into their daily lives, where they will face the real social and environmental issues around them.

The a�?Exhibition Daya�� began with studentsa�� lively performances in Ciputra Hall, A�involving spectacular collaborative efforts that fused performance skills in music, percussion, dance, and drama. We could clearly see connections from their artistic performances to the issues explored throughout the term. Art teachers, Ms Adri and Mr. Dendy, worked collaboratively with Miss Agustin and Mr. Yudi as the stage managers, guiding and encouraging students along the way. In the end, the studenta��s performed with confidence. The audience was full of smiles, ready with recording devices out, and happy to show their appreciation through their applause. In addition to the performances, there was an exhibition learning journey video, which documented the learning experiences that students had during the exhibition, as well as parentsa�� and studentsa�� testimonies which highlighted the transformation and growth they experienced and witnessed in their child.

After the opening ceremony in Ciputra Hall, the event was continued in the elementary building where students had the chance to exhibit what they had learned and discovered throughout their exhibition journey in front of parents, teachers, and guests. This year, we tried a new style of presentation, where students presented their learning journey in 3 different spaces according to their process. The first space focused on studenta��s A�a�?Insights,a�? the next space was the a�?Information Hub,a�? and the final space, a�?Act and Engage,a�? was full of creative activities engaging with the topics in action. The guests, parents, and teachers were all impressed with the hard work that had been put into the final success of the exhibition. A lot of positive comments and feedback were provided by the guests and parents throughout the night. As the evening to remember came to a close, we celebrated together over refreshments, food, and treats provided by the school.

Thank you to PYP teachers, parents, students, and everyone else that was involved in the 2017-2018 PYP Exhibition. We hope we see you next year for a different theme, and a similar success.

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