A message from STUCO


Hello students, teachers and parents of Sekolah Ciputra, I am Shun and I was one of the candidates running for President of the Student Council/STUCO. Ciello, my partner, was one of the candidates running for Vice President of the Student Council. We, as partners truly believe that we can create a better school year in 2018~2019. We also believe that we can make Sekolah Ciputra’s students have fun at our events and that the events will be educational as well.


Hello students and teachers, my name is Ciello and I was one of the candidates running for STUCO’s Vice President. My partner is Shun, who was running as a candidate to be a President. We both believe that this school will improve education, attitudes, and behaviour during our next school year. We also hope that everyone will have fun as we host our events and activities, which are provided by STUCO, and we truly hope that those events and activities will improve the school a lot.

Congratulations to Shun Sato 6B and Ciello Grace Parwoto 6A as PYP STUCO President and Vice President 2018-2019

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