PYP-4 Visit

On Friday the 31st of January students from PYP-4D visited the Kasih Agape Orphanage.

This activity was the culmination of the students efforts beginning earlier this academic year with the PYP4 Kidpreneur fair. Students had worked to design and create their own products made from recycled materials and sell them to the school community. The students made the decision to donate the proceeds from the Kidprenuer fair to different charitable causes and the Kasih Agape Orphanage was among those.
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to bring the different staples that we had bought with the profits from the fair directly to the orphanage. The class spent the morning playing with the children, learning each other’s names and singing songs together. All the students gained a valuable lesson about how their actions at school could turn into such a meaningful contribution for different peoples lives.
Over the coming weeks the remaining PYP4 classes will also have a chance to visit different charities to pass on their donations in person. The experience of this years Kidpreneur fair from beginning to end is certainly one that has brought out the best in our students and taught them lessons they are sure to take with them well beyond PYP4.

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