Congratulations to our Grade 12 students. I was delighted to hear of the success of their graduation and final assemblies. It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the learning journeys of students who have been here, in some cases up to sixteen years. The Grade 12 students really encapsulate our school vision. They impress as a cohort as being a group of students who are not only proud and confident in their national identity but also more than capable of succeeding internationally. They also demonstrate a lovely empathy for those around them. They are now about to take the next step on their journey either here in Indonesia or abroad. I wish them all the very best for what is the beginning of a promising next step. I also want to acknowledge and thank Ms Priska and her team for the superb organisation.

Now on to a more mundane part of school life. We have reviewed our school uniform policy to ensure that expectations are clear right across the school. There has been some variation over the expectation for shoes which we want to clarify, particularly as many of you may take the opportunity during the vacation to purchase shoes for the next academic year. Our uniform policy asks for black shoes but concedes that it is difficult to buy pure black shoes that are appropriate for the students. Therefore all school shoes should be predominantly black and if there is a secondary colouring, it can only be white – this includes logos and soles.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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