Une Fille Rêveuse:

I have been dreaming of creating my own business because I have been an entrepreneur myself since I was in elementary school selling slimes and squishes. Une Fille Rêveuse is a French phrase for “a girl’s dream” mirroring the background of this business.

My business journey started when I encountered bad food allergies that restricted me from being able to enjoy my favorite foods. Being labeled as “that girl that always brings a healthy lunch and eats healthy” suggests that I was obsessed with health and wellness. TikTok inspired me to make granola, but I was an ambitious girl and I challenged myself to create something more innovative and different. That was when I created “Une Fille’s Muesli Crunch” where our base is using almond spread rather than being baked. I have a sweet tooth, so to make sure I could continue to eat cake (my favorite dessert), I tried making banana bread using alternative ingredients that wouldn’t trigger any of my allergies (which let me tell you, is all of the primary ingredients of most cakes, so it wasn’t easy). I figured out the recipe shortly after and created our Muesli Crunch and Banana bread that was gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, made without preservatives or gums, and without any artificial sugar. Followed by a new release of plant-based milk using pure natural sweetener instead of artificial sugar. I believe that business should not always be about profit, but also about helping others in need, including the environment. Therefore I have also recently launched an eco-friendly-focused strategy, which I am looking forward to focusing on more. Additionally, the business makes donations towards a dog shelter in the hope of providing better help for street dogs.

One of my inspirations to create this business was not only to gain profit but also to apply the theories I learned in business management class, especially about marketing. Firstly, I tried endorsing a few health-focused TikTok talents. Even though I did get some sales from it, I figured that my target audience wasn’t really in that scope, so I tried other different methods. I started introducing my brand to my friends, which they loved as they started sharing it with others. Word of mouth has been the most influential marketing for my business, so I started focusing on giving out more free trials, including sponsoring the PSG 2023 sustainable heritage bazaar. Other than consistently posting my content on social media, I tried joining competitions such as the Student-preneur Challenge, where I won second place. Furthermore, I am planning on expanding soon by joining the Citraland Marathon Bazaar on the 10th of December, 2023. Additionally, I wanted to prove to everyone that even with just your pocket money, you can build any dreams you desire if you aren’t afraid to try. Therefore, with the little funds I have in my own bank account, I used e-commerce as a starter to sell my products.

Creating a business has taught me many valuable lessons (especially problem-solving skills), including to be proud of myself for always improving and going out of my comfort zone. Special thanks to my parents, friends, and teachers who have supported me throughout my journey!

If you would like to know more about our products or have any inquiries you can visit our socials:

Instagram: @unefille.reveuse

Tiktok: @unefille.reveuse

Shopee: @unefille.reveuse

Tokopedia: @unefillereveuse

We bake your orders fresh every day! Also available for big events, such as birthday cakes, birthday hampers, Christmas hampers, Chinese New Year hampers, and many more!

Beatrix Serafina Handoko – Grade 12DP

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