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Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

We hope you enjoyed a happy and blessed Easter. This week the Sustainability and Service sub-committee in the school have launched their programme. This is the outline of their plan.

This week, we are officially launching the Sustainability and Service Programme in Sekolah Ciputra. Sustainability is a word that is used a lot today and it is sometimes used without a clear understanding. This is why at Sekolah Ciputra we developed a really clear and easy motto for every single person in our school community to remember. It is “Enough for Everyone Today, Enough for Everyone in the Future”  You will see this motto in lots of places in the future and along with it you will also see this logo created by PYP6 student Kathleen Oetomo.


We want every member of our school community to start seeing the world through new lenses – through a new perspective and that is through the perspective of sustainability. We are hoping to make a real impact in the way we shop, eat, manage our waste, manage our travel … the way we operate in this world so that we do not use up all our precious resources.

Obviously there are many different ways in which we can behave more sustainably and we are really hoping that through our actions on our campus, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in our curriculum and the sharing of awareness campaigns with our families, we will be able to make an impact.  

The United Nations has asked all institutions and organizations to accept the responsibility for promoting and advancing the SDGs. This is obviously why we are working so hard to empower our students to go out into the world with a mindset of making the world a better place.  

Another one of our mottos is: From Little things , Big things Grow because we want our school community to understand that no matter how small the action, it does make a difference.  

We are only at the beginning of our journey here at Sekolah Ciputra but we hope that listening to our IG Live on Monday or our podcast on Wednesday will inspire you to take steps to make a change to your behaviour and actions.  We hope that you feel empowered to make a small change and model that change for others – your family, your neighbours, your community.

We need your support and we need your enthusiasm. We need you all to embrace the motto: Enough for Everyone Today, Enough for Everyone in the Future.  

It is wonderful to see this programme developing.  

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn 

Executive Principal 

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