Surabaya European School Cup 2017

On saturday 11th November, we went to SES to participate in the SES cup because we were invited and we were willing to come. As our captain Luke and the coaches (Pak Dedy & Pak Bayu) give us our formation and role in the team. In every game we had different position to play in SES cup. Other teams that participated in the SES cup were Merlion, Cobras, Muhammadiyah 15 and Meta football club.

Each game last for 12 minute (Full time) and the players that were in our team were exhausted and excited at the same time to play. The members are Luke, Rio, Owen, Michael, Devin, Arin, Ray, Christo, Collin, Charles, Benedict, Sean and two wonderful coaches that lead us to victory (1st place).

a�?Junior Eagles Membersa�?

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