Celebrating the Visual Arts


‘Captured in Quarantine’ is a photo that can be defined in two different ways. ‘Captured’ in this photograph means quarantine moments such as the analog camera captures the things around me, but it also mean ‘locked’ which is what quarantine is basically like. The variety of colors like in CDs shows how my quarantine is indeed quite good and is full of colorful days. I photographed this intentionally with natural sunlight on the grass, as I want to remind and share to readers that how happiness can appear even in lockdown by the light shining towards my face. The laptop is placed purposely on top of my head, as it displays how my priority is online school. All of the objects scattered around me are things that I love to do in quarantine. The message from this photo is to always do what you love and love what you do.

Always be the best version of ourselves and remember to always be grateful for the little things in life!

Brenda Young Hadisujono – Grade 9

‘Quarantine Boredom’. For this picture I wanted a retro look. The I’m bored text bubble sums up my feeling in 2020. I also doubled my clothing because while in quarantine I rarely exercise and want to make me look fat. I included stuff that I always use for school as well as things I use for entertainment. So far in this pandemic I feel bored and have become less social and feel kind of sad and stressed at the same time from the online school homework. I wear mask because it shows I cannot explain the feeling what I am going through in the pandemic. I feel that it is a unique experience to just stay at home and not do anything. I bet you are also bored but the corona virus also brings us a lot of good things for example having more time with parents and also to improve our weakness and also to achieve our hobbies.

Moza Dharma Marcello – Grade 9

As an artist, my message for the audience is to always do what makes you happy and motivated. We should always take our time to wind down and distract ourselves with the things that makes you happy. You can’t always avoid the bad by pushing in the good and you should remind yourselves
that struggling with your emotions is completely normal. My main message that I want to express/portray from this photograph is to regularly treat yourself and do the things that can heal your negative thoughts and emotions. Even though treating yourself may distract you from doing necessary and important things in life, maintaining a balanced life is
important We should treat ourselves and do the things that make us happy and keep us occupied.

Annalee Cokrojoyo – Grade 9

The meaning of this specific artwork would be how nature is an abundant  force that deserves to be respected more after we humans have destroyed and plundered so much of it. This can be reflected in the artwork as it depicts a tranquil scene where a lonely tree that was left to grow peacefully with abundant new blossoming flowers. I am also trying to convey the enchanting appearance of nature and its critical importance towards the world. For instance, the cherry blossoms painted represent beauty and
serenity while the calm ocean resembles peace. Although, nature itself also plays a crucial and vital role in this world that must be protected. I wish to connect with the audience by picturing an image filled with joy and tranquility. This is because creating a vivid environment full of delicate yet simplistic elements with a range of bright colors is able to help the audience find peace in this world I tried to resemble through the creation of this piece.

Ryan David Kosasih Lee – Grade 10

It took me quite a while to finally put the idea together, I knew I wanted a split day and night art I especially feel less intimidated by visual arts. I was scared that my work would look really bad but now I think that it is not that
hard and even enjoyable, I think my artwork is quite nice regarding the fact that I do not have many drawing knowledge.

Jesslynn Angelica Tan Chandra – Grade 10

I want my stippled artwork to visualize a lake that is surrounded by nature.  In the artwork it is included with the Sun as the lightsource of the artwork, mountains, clouds, lake, bridge, and pine tree as its frondescence. I am very happy with myself for having the ability to transfer what I pictured in my mind into the artwork. The circular frame encompassing the scenery with the flowing lake looks very surreal and funky to me. I feel I actually improved in making “contrast” and creating light and shadows using only dots. this method has really taught me about a way to shade objects in normal drawing, especially because during this drawing there’s a really visible radiation source.

Charles Haryono Teguh – Grade 10

‘The river of Virginia Woolf’ Artistic Intention: My intention through this artwork is to bring awareness to the Increasing suicide rate for kids and using Death of a Novelist to further exemplify how any one can feel hurt and show that we’re not alone. I used hidden meaning such as the hydrangea flowers to support that it is Virginia Woolf and to show how she died. When the audience realizes the meaning I want them to feel uneasy

Owen Josse Thiodoris – Grade 10

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