Bullying is not a new social phenomenon. It can happen across all ages and genders, and is especially common in schools. On Monday, 4th May, we celebrated Anti-Bullying Day. As a response to this important day, our PYP Student Council (STUCO) had some ideas that our SEN team combined into a ‘brain break’. 

We celebrated this important day by encouraging our students to offer constructive opinions about the issue of bullying, by responding with a short video, voice recording, or a written response. We were inspired by a video, featuring students from around the world, talking about bullying. 

Here are some prompt questions relating to the video:  

What is bullying? 

How do you respond when you see someone being bullied? 

What can we do to fight against bullying?

We hope that by celebrating this event our students will understand how important this issue is and build their awareness. In order to say “no” to bullying we need to be aware of strategies to fight it. 

Below is an example of an activity for Anti-Bullying Day:

From this activity, we received a great response from our students. Most students understand that bullying is bad and most students are familiar with different types of bullying, such as hurting others’ feelings and hurting others via physical aggression (kicking, hitting, etc.). 

Some students in PYP 3 have shown their understanding of this topic by learning strategies to fight bullying in their SEAL ATL lessons. Most of our students responded that if they were being bullied or if they see someone being bullied, they would talk to a trusted adult in order to STOP IT. 

Here is one student’s response: 


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