Ciputra Cup 2K22

Hi Eagles!

The month of May has brought all our attention towards a spectacular and well-known event in the Sekolah Ciputra community: the Ciputra Cup 2K22. The Ciputra Cup 2K22 is a basketball and soccer tournament annually (excluding the period during the peak of the pandemic) hosted by Sekolah Ciputra OSIS, taking place on 19-22 May 2022, mainly in the Sekolah Ciputra multi-purpose hall (MPH). Being the first face-to-face event held by Sekolah Ciputra OSIS since the start of the pandemic back in 2019, this year’s Ciputra Cup is surely a memorable milestone for the 2021-2022 OSIS Sekolah Ciputra team. There were over 12 schools around Surabaya participating in this event: Sekolah Ciputra, VITA School, SMPN 33 Surabaya, SMP Gloria 1, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Little Sun School, National Star Academy, SMP Gloria 2, SMA Gloria 2, Sekolah Masa Depan Cerah Surabaya, SMPN 2 Taman, and Surabaya European School. Other than the support from our sponsors, the participants, and our team members, the implementation and enforcement of strict health protocols has also ensured the further success of this event.

This year’s Ciputra Cup consists of 3 basketball categories and 1 soccer friendly match. The basketball categories are for SMP Putra (Junior High Male), SMP Putri (Junior High Female), and SMA Putra (Senior High Male). In total, there were 8 teams for the Junior High Male category, 5 teams for the Senior High Male, and 4 teams for the Junior High Female category. As for the soccer category, the Ciputra Senior High Male team had a friendly match against the Surabaya European School soccer team.

The basketball games in the SMP Putra, SMP Putri, and SMA Putra categories. (Credits: OSIS Multimedia & Documentation department)

Other than the tournament itself, OSIS Sekolah Ciputra’s Public Relations and External Events department held a small stall to sell scrumptious food and refreshing drinks for enthusiastic players and spectators. The menu included fruit-flavored iced tea, soft drinks, pentol, french fries, onigiri, and more! Located near the entrance of the courts, the stall received a generous amount of orders and happy faces.

To enter a game/session, spectators had to either book tickets online—in which they had to pay for first—or wait in line for up to 30 minutes before each session started. After receiving their tickets, spectators were to enter the Sekolah Ciputra area and were expected to wait to enter the court. After the players enter the court, spectators are then allowed to enter and take their seats on the benches provided.

The awards ceremony took place on the last day of the event (22 May 2022) in Sekolah Ciputra’s Basketball Court (BBC), announcing the winners and MVPs in each category. For the winners in the basketball category, we would like to congratulate the first, second, and third place winners in the SMP Putra (Junior High Male) category, respectively, National Star Academy, Vita School, and SMP Gloria 1. In the SMP Putri (Junior High Female) category, we would like to commend National Star Academy in first place, Sekolah Ciputra in second place, and SMPN 2 Taman in third place. For the SMA Putra (Senior High Male) category, we would like to congratulate Sekolah Ciputra in first place, Cita Hati West in second place, and Sekolah Masa Depan Cerah in third place. Lastly, we would like to commend the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in each category: Freno Wijaya from National Star Academy in the SMP Putra category, Faustina Joycelene from National Star Academy in the SMP Putri category, and Robert Kang from Sekolah Ciputra in the SMA Putra category. Congratulations to all the winners! …


This article was written by the OSIS Public Relations Team (Michael Sean Gunawan 11DP & Anastasia Lilananda 8C) & Supervised by Jefferson Tanto 11DP & Mr. Rizal Rakhmat Dwianto.

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