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Cross Country

“Cross country” or “cross-country running” is a long-distance running race typically held outdoors, traversing various terrains such as dirt, grass, forests, hills, and sometimes small rivers or puddles. Participants in this race must follow a route predetermined by the organizers, and the fastest runner is declared the winner.

Cross-country races usually consist of several categories, such as:

  1. School Cross-Country Running: Typically held at the high school or college level, this is an inter-school competition often part of the school sports program.
  2. National/International Cross-Country Races: These races involve participants from various regions or countries competing at the national or even international level.
  3. Amateur Cross-Country Races: Open to the public and often held in local communities or recreational areas, providing an opportunity for participants to compete or simply enjoy cross-country running as a recreational sport.

Cross-country races are often seen as tests of endurance, mental strength, and strategic ability due to the varied and challenging terrain. Additionally, cross country serves as a form of training to improve aerobic endurance or VO2max. It also serves as a means to appreciate nature and develop outdoor running skills.

Sekolah Ciputra organizes cross-country races from elementary to high school levels by inviting students from other schools and alumni. This activity is part of the physical education curriculum and various extracurricular activities. The school provides medals and certificates for winners in each category.

For the security of the event, in addition to school attendance, 8 security officers from the marketing office will be assisting.

This not only promotes students’ physical health but also encourages healthy competition and fosters a sense of camaraderie within the school environment.

Cross Country

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