News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Last Friday marked the one hundredth day of school. This provided a great opportunity for the students to engage in a whole range of mathematical exercises and explore numbers in a real world context. It was wonderful to see the way mathematical thinking was challenged and encouraged by the many activities.  

The other reason why this day is so significant is that it gives us all an opportunity to reflect upon our goals for the remainder of the year. Where are we, compared with where we would like to be. The ability to overcome big challenges is often easier when they are broken down into a series of bite sized chunks and understanding the support needed to overcome each one. Our Grade 12 students are finishing up their Extended Essays, but still have a number of challenging internal assessments and the TOK essay to complete. Step by step these projects can be met and mastered, especially if you are methodical and when needed, ask for help.  

As a school we can be proud of the “A” status we achieved for all five sections of our SPK accreditation while at the same time reflect upon the challenge that the full IBO/WASC accreditation visit will entail in October. Just like the students, we are breaking this process down and getting the support we need to do a good job. The great news is that in a community like that of Sekolah Ciputra, support and encouragement is never far away.

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

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