Equestrian Competition

Congratulations once again to siblings Breanna Olina Suwitoliem (PYP) and Bernice Olena Suwitoliem (MYP) for their National Achievements in Overall Jumping Master. Bernice was 2nd and Breanna was placed 5th in the recent Equestrian Competitions. They were also very happy to meet Surabaya Mayor Bapak Eri Cahyadi. 


I remember the first time when Mom took me to join a horse-riding school. When we arrived there, I saw some young people, probably a bit older than me, that were practicing horse riding. They looked very elegant on the horse. Since that moment, I promised myself I will also practise lots because I would like to be the same as them. I started seriously practicing dressage. After that, I wanted to develop my skills and try jumping. 6 weeks ago I joined the 60cm horse jumping competition in the under 18 years old category. There were other candidates from different parts of Java such as from Bandung, Jakarta, Banten, Jogja, Semarang, Sidoarjo and Bali.  The total number of horses that joined the competition was 186. For this competition I received 5th place. I am aware that I still need to keep practicing. My dream is to one day join an international horse riding competition.



I have always loved horses but it never came in to my mind that I would develop an interest in horse riding. Back at the beginning of July 2020, it all started for fun only. I took lessons at a local Horse Riding School. In the school, the coach taught me lots of riding techniques and  gradually I started developing my knowledge. In the past I just focused on dressage but  6 weeks ago I got the opportunity to try jumping. This opportunity came when Ms Lily Jessica, the Netherlands Honorary Consulate in Surabaya offered to lend me her jumping horse. I was kind of nervous but I tried to be a risk taker and joined the National horse riding competition, which took place on the 24th-27th March 2022. This competition was a special competition because it was the first time held in Surabaya and Mr Eri Chayadi, the Surabaya mayor also attended it.  I ended up winning 2nd place for the 100m Jumping Junior under 21 year olds.  It wasn’t an easy thing to win the competition. It took lots of discipline, patience and endurance but when you are able to bear and keep going with all the obstacles, then at the end you will be happy and proud with your achievements. As William Braclay said “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”

— Bernice Olena Suwitoliem — MYP 8

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