Mental Math Asia Cup

Mental Math Asia Cup was something new to me. Unlike the usual Maths Olympiads I have joined in the past where I had to solve complex questions, this competition was all about speed. The questions were very easy, like 19 x 54 or 96 – 5 – 4. However, what made it challenging was that there was no set amount of questions to solve, making speed an important factor to win because you have to solve as many questions as you can in a short 8-minute time period. Answering 19 x 54 may be easy, but having to do it in a few seconds is hard. I also had to be wise with my answers as well — choosing an incorrect option subtracts 2 points from my score. I managed to finish 2nd in Indonesia and 52nd in Asia.

Other than the competition itself, there were also 4 webinars for us to join that were full of useful information. Starting from how to manage money, tips and tricks for the competition, to managing stress and anxiety. Overall, Mental Math Asia Cup was a fun experience and I believe that you all should join the next one next year.

Alvaro Vincent Wijaya – Grade 10A

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