Global Youth Time Project 2022

In late November, I participated in Time Project 2022 — a series of events discussing global issues nowadays. These events were: Model of United Nations; Unite the Nations, answering 275 questions; House of Commons, debating based on prompts; and Global Youth Forum, discussing the topic(s) as a whole. Preparation began in early November, which was after-school training every day.

Time Project 2022 focused on gender equality, renewable energy, and fake news. This experience allowed me to strongly develop research, social, and communication skills. These events allowed me to practise and further develop my skills through doing background reading, working with my teammates, and socialising with other students from across the world.

Personally, I enjoyed Unite the Nations the most, as we were challenged to answer 275 provoking questions in 24 hours. These questions were not simply questions we could Google and immediately find the answers to, but we had to thoroughly research and analyse websites to find the answers.

I am grateful to have been able to participate in this event and am thankful to all the people who have helped make this event run smoothly. I hope and look forward to participating in Time Project again next year.

Anastasia Lilananda – Grade 9D

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