Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

The Elementary school had a very successful student-led conferencing on Friday. Students being able to articulate their own learning progress and discuss steps they need to take to improve their learning is a really important skill. The capacity to reflect on how and what you learn, (metacognition) is a skill we seek to actively teach our students as it helps them on their journey to becoming truly independent learners.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the Arts Festival on Friday afternoon/evening. The range of talent on display was incredible. The visual arts on display for the Director’s Choice Awards were fantastic whilst the performing arts showcased talents from our youngest right through the continuum. Well done everyone! it was a very entertaining evening.

This week our Grade 10 students are on their work experience. This helps give the students focus and a real world experience. It helps students make decisions about what they like, and don’t like and is a part of our commitment to helping students to prepare for a changing global society. We look forward to hearing about their many experiences when they return next term.

The school as you know is now (and until further notice) taking the temperature of everyone coming on to the school site. This sits alongside other initiatives such as disinfecting every room every day, making soap and hand sanitizer easily available, encouraging healthy lifestyles and basic principles of hygiene.  We will continue to work with our local ministries as the situation develops.

We wish you all the very best for the holiday break and look forward to our next term.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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