Grade 10 Personal Project

Grade 10 students have just completed the Personal Project process by displaying their products during the exhibition last Wednesday, 21 February. The exhibition was the culminating event that concludes approximately five months of work on the Personal Project.

The Personal Project is an educational journey that nurtures studentsa�� inquiry and every part of it comes from studentsa�� ideas and initiatives. It is a process that every Grade 10 student at Sekolah Ciputra must take to complete the Middle Years Programme.

Some of those ideas and initiatives were:

  • Creating poems to promote the idea that beauty is not governed by appearance
  • Producing and directing a short movie to diminish racism
  • Emphasizing the importance of gender equality to empower women to fight off harassments
  • Creating a guide book for students new to Sekolah Ciputra to help them to survive their new environment
  • Proposing ideas for a new school uniform

and many more.

It is our hope that the current generation will thrive in the future and act with integrity and contribute to the world. We think we will, because all the ideas above indicate that we do not only think theoretically, but also act in the real-world to make it better.

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