“In Sekolah Ciputra, the students have the opportunity to be open to learning and appreciate other cultures outside of Indonesia.


1. How long were you in Sekolah Ciputra? Starting from what grade until what grade?
15 years. I studied in Sekolah Ciputra from Kindergarten until Senior High School.

2. After graduating from Sekolah Ciputra, where do you study? What is your major?
Universitas Ciputra, majoring in Interior Architecture.

3. What did you do after graduating from university?
I was doing a double job, I was a part timer in Apple Academy as a UI/UX designer and a part timer Interior Design for about a year.

4. What is your current occupation?
I’m the owner of Moktikanana Interior Architecture.

5. What product/service does Moktikanana Interior Architecture provide?
We provide interior design service, aside from design and build itself, we offer consultations, material selections, and design technical drawings.

6. What was the inspiration behind Moktikanana Interior Architecture?
I’ve always wanted to do something that I enjoy but I also want to be able to give valuable experience for people to have and since I’ve enjoyed everything that is art related since I was in school, it has become much more a valuable experience for me since I started the journey in interior design. From university, I have learned that we can combine aesthetic, needs and even enhance our experience in interior.

7. In what way did Sekolah Ciputra contribute to your job right now?
Sekolah Ciputra guided me to always try experiencing and exploring new things which led me to keep on growing as an individual and be responsible with my own choices.

8. What was the best thing about Sekolah Ciputra? Tell us something memorable from your time at Sekolah Ciputra
I remember in year 10, we had the opportunity to create our first big project, The Personal Project. I remember I decided to create a ballet costume (back then I was active in ballet too) infused with Batik but I had no experience in fashion, nor designing a costume so at that time, I took the opportunity to actually interview a fashion designer who happened to be a lecturer as well in a university so I could learn a proper way to design, proper material selections for a ballet costume so yes it was an interesting experience for me.

9. What advice would you give to a graduating student?
Do not ever get too comfortable with the things you like, always try to look for new challenges, new opportunities, who knows how much potential you can find in you and that you won’t stop growing as an individual so you can as well bring more values for other people.

10. Would you recommend Sekolah Ciputra to others? If yes, what would you say about it?
Yes. Sekolah Ciputra has varieties of both academic and non-academic activities which allow their students to explore their potentials in various experiences and since Sekolah Ciputra is an intercultural school, the students also have the opportunity to be open to learning and appreciate other cultures outside of Indonesia as well.

11. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Lately I just enjoy spending time with my family or friends, sometimes I also go to the gym during my free time.

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