Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

What an amazing weekend showcasing the school. The entire campus was buzzing with activity. The basketball and football tournaments for the Ciputra Cup had huge crowds supporting them and the excitement was incredible. In the Early Years building we had an art competition that had a large number of enthusiastic and talented participants. This all doubled up with our Open Day. We take it as a matter of pride that when we have open days we do just that. We open up the school and it runs as usual. We subscribe to the catch phrase that every day in Sekolah Ciputra is an open day. In other words, what visitors get to see, is the school operating exactly as it always does. It is a wonderful feeling to have such confidence in the students and staff of the school. Each is an incredible ambassador for the school, its mission, vision and values.

What a wonderful job our student representative group OSIS did in organising every aspect of the Ciputra Cup. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated group.  Also, the MARCOMM team with their organisation over the last week have done a superb job. It is wonderful to have such a talented group of people supporting the school.


Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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