Last week , 7th – 11th January, 2019, PYP held the first ‘Maths Week’ with the theme “Numbers Around Us“ . The aim of this Maths Week is to promote the relevance of Maths in our everyday lives and to promote the idea that Maths can be explored in fun ways. During that week PYP students had discovered a lot of mathematical knowledge and concepts, shared their experiences and observed maths explorations. We also gave opportunities to parents to attend a Maths workshop, entitled ‘Mastery Maths’ which was exploring the mastery approach to promote deep understandings and sustainable learning.

On Wednesday, 9th we also celebrated the 100th day of school where each year level designed interesting activities. This is a milestone for children and teachers. We talked about all of the learning we have done, and the learning yet to come.  We discussed our favourite parts of school so far and what we are looking forward to.  We re-visited our hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year, and determined if we are on our way to meeting those goals.  

Here is what students said about the events:

  • They were exciting activities, because my friends and I wrote about infinity, learnt about number patterns and tried to make 100 movements with all of the PYP 3 students. I like Maths more after doing those activities.

(Michelle Arubel Wiguna 3C)

  • I think I want to continue Maths Week because maths is everywhere. We did a lot of fun stuff like describing math norms and how we apply numbers in our daily life. We did this so we can have more positive thinking about maths. Everyone can learn maths. At that time, we also celebrated the 100th day of school. When it was the 100th day of school, my friends and I had to make groups of 4 and make a collage about a chosen body organ. We had to cover the organ using a 2D shape and cut it into 100 pieces. We also had to write facts about our organ. Me and my group had chosen the heart as our organ and our 2D shape is square. We had so much fun at Maths Week and the 100th day of school.

(Austin Chen 4B)

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