This morning, Elementary School begin their Monday with an aerobics session. This is a great initiative for a whole range or reasons. Starting the week as a community with a shared sense of community participation is wonderful.A� Exercise is extremely beneficial. The habit of exercise and the self-discipline involved also helps a person to build the type of resilience we aspire to in our vision. In a world where pass times are becoming increasingly passive it is great to have our students involved in activity, to get the oxygen pumping, the mind focussed and to build their capacity to operate independently in the world around them.A�One of the most important skills and attributes we can teach our children is to take responsibility for themselves.

This week is extremely busy as we build towards our Open Day’s next week. Tomorrow we have a second Cross School parent workshop on Cyber Safety, supported by the Parent Support Group. This will be held in the Borobodur Room at 7.35 – 8.25 am and is suitable for parents of all ages although, particularly pertinent for Grade 4-8 parents.

For the next three days there will be workshops held in the Borobodur Room at 7:30 am.

PYP B parents – Wednesday, 18th October

Grade 6 parents – Thursday, 19th October

Grade 9 parents – Friday, 20th October

These workshops will give you further information about the programmes your children will follow as they move into a new section of the school.

The school Open Days and Exhibition will be held next week, Thursday, 26th – Saturday, 28th.A� I’m really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Fun Walk on Saturday, 28th at 6:00 am.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our Elementary Students who performed so well at the JISMO mathematics and Science Competition.

Have a great week.

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