PYP B outing : Being Green

Recently the PYP B classes have been studying plants, in particular how plants grow, how to care for them, and their general importance to us and the environment. To support the learning, teachers planned two outings in the local community.

Our first outing was to Bukit Bali Plant Nursery here in Citraland. The nursery staff were fantastic with the students. As soon as we arrived we could see the wide variety of plants that the staff nurtured. Students offered lots of thoughts and ideas of their own, and shared their knowledge of plants with the nursery staff – who were quite impressed! As teachers we were proud of their confidence, their willingness to share, and the knowledge they had already accumulated. Then each student was able to take a young plant and plant it themselves to take back to school, where we are now learning to take care of them.

Closely following our visit to the nursery was another outing to the beautiful Taman Husada, situated across from Citraland in Graha Famili. We are very grateful to the families in the area for allowing us to enter the park. Despite the fact the weather was a little wet, students set out anyway and were treated to a picturesque display of the most beautiful flowers, plants and trees. Taman Husada is also very informative, with lots of good signage helping teachers and students to understand the various different flora in the park.

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