PYP 1 Outing

On the 5th and 9th March, PYP 1 visited Kelurahan Jambangan in Surabaya.
The students learned how people in Kelurahan Jambangan manage their waste. We learned how to compost organic waste. We walked around the Jambangan area and saw beautiful plants everywhere. The people in Jambangan collect their used water in the IPAL (Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah) and use it to water the plants through connected pipes. We saw a cool reading corner where all the decorations were made from recycled plastic. We also saw two girls walking on stilts. We then made crafts from used cardboard boxes and plastic; a cool flower, a fish from plastic and a pencil cup from used cans and felt fabric.
It was a wonderful experience to learn about how people use resources in different ways during our a�?Sharing the Planeta�? unit.

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