STEAM Workshop and Competition

Artificial Intelligence for Education

We are delighted to announce that three Sekolah Ciputra Grade 9 students – Beatrix Serafina Handoko, Clara Nadia Adigunawan and Regina Kezia – won first prize in a competition recently that explored artificial intelligence.

These students expressed an interest in exploring technology for education and developing their creativity. Consequently, they participated in the STEAM Workshop and Competition hosted by Sekolah Cikal Cilandak, from 7 May, 2021 to 3 June, 2021. This workshop was aimed to introduce students to how artificial intelligence can be applied and become a useful tool to make our lives even better. In this workshop, participants were trained to make an augmented reality project using the Assembler Edu app.

In the competition, participants were tasked with creating an augmented reality presentation using Assembler Edu that could be used for an educational purpose or a fun project. Our participants – Beatrix, Clara, and Regina – finally decided to choose an educational proposed project about energy in houses because many people are unaware of using energy efficiently and introducing this augmented reality to young learners. The product itself was designed to allow pupils to build awareness on energy consumption. This also enabled our students to display their understanding of several IB learner profile attributes, notably Scientific and Technological Innovation, Globalisation and Sustainability.

There are many benefits to be gained from participating in this type of activity –  development of teamwork skills, public speaking, critical thinking – to name a few.

Image 1. Final Product Presentation

Image 2. Barcode of the final product

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