OSIS Gala Dinner

Despite some incidental days off, which made this academic year kind of short, ita��s been an eventful year for our 2017-2018 OSIS team. The Gala dinner on 25th May was the final event presented by them. It was a huge success with the majority of our senior high school students attending.

Thank you so much to all the sponsors and support from the Sekolah Ciputra community.

We began the OSIS campaign with 3 pairs of candidates. The results were close, but the peoplesa�� vote chose Iervanny and Eugene as Captain and Vice-Captain. They led us through the 2017-2018 school year with: A�The Sekolah Ciputra Soccer Competition, Ciputraa��s Got Talent and our internal soccer and basketball competitions (OCL and OCBL). Also, dona��t forget about Spirit weeks. Despite constant challenges and obstacles, this team never gave up; they just kept on moving forward to make all those events happen.

We send special thanks to Mr Bret Olson, only a year, but there have been some good changes made for the future.

Congratulations to Ryan Kent and Celine Soegiardjo for their successful nomination as OSIS Captain and Vice-Captain for 2018-2019. I wish all the best to Mr Dedy and Miss Tika as the new OSIS coordinators.

Miss Gramelia

OSIS Coordinator 2016-2018

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