School Production

Every year, Sekolah Ciputra holds a school production in which students can participate creatively by showcasing their acting, arts, make-up, dance, and music skills. This year, I was honored to act as the main character, Cinta, in the school production of “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?”. The process wasn’t easy at all. I had to sacrifice my eating schedule because every lunchtime I straight up went to Ms.Niken’s room to practice. Together with Mr.Sulton and Ms.Niken, they taught me a lot of new knowledge on how to create a good performance. Blocking, voice projection, gestures, and expressions are very important in a drama performance. A month before the show date, we started our Saturday practice together with the musicians, SF crew, and lighting team. After six months of hard work and teamwork, I got to improve a lot of skills. Firstly, I was able to make new friends outside of my grade level. This helps me to enjoy the crazy ride alongside incredible people who are very supportive and fun. I also got the skills of using my time wisely and being more disciplined in managing my tasks and tests. Last but not least, and also importantly, I achieved my dream.

Venita Yoshe – Grade 11

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