Summer Fest Singing Competition 

The Summer Fest singing competition was a national competition, many students from different schools joined, but mostly from Petra schools, because they hosted the summer festival. In the Summer Fest you not only get to go to singing competitions but you get to go to many others like telling a story competition, maths and more! 

This competition was actually my first experience of joining a singing competition. There is a choice of songs that you have to choose from and sing. There are 2 rounds. The first is the elimination round, so there were many people joining. In this round you have to record your song.  The second round the judges picked 10 people to go to the final round, luckily for me I got into the final . The final round is a live virtual show, so you have to perform in front of the judges and the other kids. I finished in 2nd place. Although I was really scared and nervous for the second round, I still had a fun time and fun experience. 

Ellaina Gianna Hanjaya – Grade 4C