Science Week in PYP

PYP Sekolah Ciputra held the annual Science Week from the 19th – 23rd March.The theme for this year is a�?Exploration and Discoverya�?.

This event provided an ideal opportunity to foster studentsa�� curiosity, not only in science, but in every aspect of their learning. It is proven that science is an aspect in our daily lives, sometimes with or without realising it. Science is everywhere!

During Science Week, each year level had activities related to science, such as reading science books, doing observations on our surroundings and conducting experiments to bring students closer to the world of science in a fun way. All of the students were engaged with activities during this week. The success of this event was due to the hard work of people behind the scenes and the tradition of good teamwork among community members. Thank you to all of the Sekolah Ciputra community for their great collaboration.

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