Students Achievement

Congratulations to Claudia Maheli (Grade 8C) and her sister Olivia Maheli (Grade 7D) for their achievements in the Mandarin Speech Competition. The essay was also posted in the National Chinese Newspaper – Harian Pulau Seribu (Qian Dao Ri Bao).

A few months ago, I participated in a mandarin speech contest held by Pusat Bahasa Uvers which contained a total of 500 participants from all over Indonesia taking part in this contest. I learned a lot from and gained a lot from this competition. The pronunciation required to speak in front of everyone is gradually maturing. From the nervousness of the first stage to the confidence of the finals. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, to seize such a memorable experience. Every experience is a reward. 
A few months ago I joined a mandarin speech competition, this competition was a national competition. There were about 500 participants taking part. Fortunately, during the competition I learned that language learning can only progress through communication. It is a test of reaction ability and ordinary communication ability. In fact, each of us can deal with it, but it is easy to feel overwhelmed because of nervousness when it comes to competition. Competitions are a good exercise for us.We should all cherish such opportunities, seize such opportunities, exercise ourselves, and show our talent.
I am honoured to be able to participate in this national mandarin speech competition which is held by Pusat Bahasa Uvers. I would like to use three words to describe my feelings, which are gratitude, pride and effort.  First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for providing us such a good stage. They gave me the opportunity to test my abilities. I am proud to have strict teachers who constantly challenge me and encourage me. Gradually, I found that it’s not that difficult to speak and learn Chinese.  As long as we make efforts and have clear goals, achievement is not far away from us.  So let us all take action, no matter which language you prefer.

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