Students Achievement

Congratulations to Mutia Rahmatullah La Djoni (PYP-5) for her achievements:

????3rd Runner-Up position for “Kategori D Puteri” in “Kejuaraan Nasional Golf Junior 2022” which was held by Indonesia Golf Association at Gading Raya Padang Golf & Klub on 4-6 January 2022

????Runner-Up II Girls D in “Turnamen Golf Piala Gubernur Bali 2022” which was held at Bali National Golf Club on 11-15 January 2022

Once again congratulations Mutia!

Congratulations to Owen Tjandra Gunawan (PYP-3) for being one of the winners in Bebras Indonesia Computational Thinking Challenge 2021 for the “Si-Kecil” Category, he scored 100! Bebras Challenge is an online challenge for Elementary until High School students to educate with problem-solving skills which includes the concept of computational thinking (informatics). This competition was held on 8-13 November 2021.

Once again congratulations Owen!

Congratulations to Sachiyo Angdias (PYP-3) for her achievement in the National Music Olympiad, 2nd winner Vocal Kids A – Disney Category, and Best Performance in International Virtual Concert, Vocal Performance, Beginner Category.

Once again congratulations Sachiyo!

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